How do I access past affirmations

  • You can view your previously read affirmations by opening the app => then tap for your Profile => Previous affirmations.

How do I add my own affirmations

  • From the main screen, => tap Profile => Add My Own

I am seeing affirmations that I shouldn’t be seeing

  • Double-check which categories you have selected in the categories screen.
  • If you feel an affirmation shouldn’t be in the app or is incorrect, please contact us.

I cannot find my Favorites or Collections

  • If you have deleted the app in the past and re-installed it, the data gets deleted.
  • If you are switching to a new device (iOS to iOS), you can transfer your data through your iCloud backup.

How do I practice reading and repeating affirmations

  • Open the app, => then tap Practice button located at the bottom of the screen, then => Tap on the Category you want to practice affirmations for, or scroll down to practice affirmations from your own affirmations, Collections or Favorites.
  • During the practice session, tap the Mute button to switch the music on or off. To hear the music, turn your phone volume to a comfortable level, and make sure your phone itself is not on mute.
  • Reading and repeating affirmations several times a day help you build a positive mindset.

How do I create a Collection

  • From the main screen, => tapProfile button => My Collections.

How do I share to social media

  • From the main screen, => tap Share button which is located near the bottom center of the screen (next to the Like heart button). A window will then pop up with the option to share it to different social media platforms.

Common issues

  • If you are not receiving notifications, make sure you have enabled permissions to receive notifications sent by our app. You can change the permissions from your phone/device Settings app => Notifications => Our app. (More details here). If still not receiving notifications, open the relevant notification reminder and save it again.
  • If it is not sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you can tap the “More” button and our app will give you the option to share it to those platforms directly.
  • If it is not saving to your camera photo library, or not sharing in any way, make sure you have enabled permissions to save images. You can change the permissions from your phone/device Settings app => Our app.