Notifications & Reminders

I stopped getting notifications and reminders

  • iOS currently has a limit of 60 reminders that any app can send at a time, so once these run out you have to open the app to continue receiving more.
  • For example, if you setup in our app to receive 10 reminders per day you will need to open the app at least once a week to continue getting reminders on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to open the app so often, you can lower your number of daily reminders or use our widget.

How do I setup and modify reminders

  • Open the app => Profile => My Reminders

How do I use my own affirmations as reminders

  • We will be implementing this feature soon. Please stay tuned…
  • Tap on the “Type of affirmations” in the Reminders screen, then tap on “My Own Affirmations” or tap on a collection that has your own affirmations.