Siri Integration

How do I get Siri to read affirmations to me

  • Siri Integration is available now!
  • You say, “Hey Siri, Self Loveā€¦” And Siri replies, “I am worthy.” Siri replies with a different Self Love affirmation each time. Get it now, works for all categories!
  • To setup Siri integration, open our app to the main screen and tap => Profile, tap => General, then tap Siri shortcuts.
  • Click one or more of the Siri shortcuts provided, and the setup is complete.
  • You can customize the words after “Hey Siri,” To do so, click anywhere in the text after “Hey Siri,” and type the phrase you want to trigger Siri to read out affirmations in that category. Alternatively, you can click the Record Phrase button and use your voice to record the phrase.
  • Click Done and you’re all setup for Siri to read you affirmations from that category.
  • Repeat this for all categories you want Siri Integration enabled for.
  • Now when you say, for example, “Hey Siri, Self Love” Siri will read you an affirmation from the Self Love category.