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We specialise in leadership development and management consultancy. Established in 1999, we focus on developing more effective leaders, with an emphasis on strategy, performance, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, health and wellness.

Online Leadership Masterclass available now! Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Know your customers better so you can add value that they’ll appreciate. Your customers will look forward to hearing from you, rather than ignore the communications you send them.

How often do your customers think of your products and services? Stay relevant and front-of-mind with your customers, for your brand to be part of their lives.


If your requirements are more technical in nature, we’ll work with you to identify pain-points in your business day, and implement solutions and software tailored for your business. You may need a CRM application, a new website, a mobile app, or social media presence. We’ll collaborate with you to figure out what will work best for you, rather than come in with a prescriptive solution. We appreciate that every client is unique and at different points in their business journey.

An anode is the positive side of a battery. Our name signifies our positive outlook and approach. We are driven by gaining positive results for you.