Road One

Student Adventures at a Nigerian University

By Dayo Sowunmi II

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Book Excerpts: Flashback, Kawasaki Z200, Tudmont, Meeting the roommates (Jambite year), Ojuelegba

October 1986, 16-year-old Banji has lived a sheltered life in Nigeria. He leaves home for the first time. He is thrust into an unfamiliar world to begin his university education. There he makes new friends. So begins a liberating, yet challenging, phase of his life. The harsh military government introduces austerity measures and devalues the local currency, bringing hyperinflation.

Banji and his friends face severe economic woes. They attempt side-hustle gigs to supplement their income while studying. They come of age experiencing highs and lows. Their resolve is tested. They face academic challenges, police brutality, relationship dramas and lose friends who die tragically, while Nigeria’s economy worsens.

Can they remain positive and persevere through adversity? Follow their journey as they pursue academic and life dreams, uncertain what the years ahead would bring.

Each year brings new opportunities and challenges…

Available now in full colour (ebook and hardcover) and paperback.

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